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This book has sold in the USA, UK, Canada and France and is blessing people WORLDWIDE! A documentary of Rhonda Knight's story was filmed by the Discovery Channel and it aired in several Countries! Blessed Survivor is a MUST READ! This book is not just an ordinary book. It is an actual account of my surviving attempted murder and rape and as the cover depicts, being stabbed in the eye among other horrific things and it embraces my journey with the incredible challenges I faced that had me wondering if I was going insane or what! So yes it is a “true story” novel that will captivate you but yet it is so much more… It is divinely inspired and written to bring the reader into my reality and into the realm of personal and Spiritual awakening in your own soul. This book is not a book written just for women although a woman can relate to it and it is not written for other survivors only but it is inspiration to know you can make it too with proper direction and help as you follow the road map laid out in it. This book is not just for Christians even though it is definitely the love and grace of God that kept me and I am a Christian which I proudly yet humbly proclaim. You may be a person who doesn’t know God or you may not understand a lot about Him but this book will bring you into a place of understanding and of witnessing His mercy and miracles in my life which can certainly joyfully manifest in your life as well. IT IS a book for EVERYONE that has compassion for another human being. It is also written for anyone who has faced any type of challenges in their own life whether on a small or large scale. And yes it is a book written for those who just love to read but don’t be surprised if you have a life impacting experience from it. There is a reason you're reading this right now; God has a reason for sharing this part of my life with you. Read this book and if it ultimately blesses you then share it with others; lend it out, give a copy as a gift or tell them where they can purchase a copy of this book for themselves. Thanks and God bless you, sincerely from my heart… Blessed Survivor

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